Malawi’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has commended Life Concern Organization (LICO) for providing HIV and AIDS services in schools using sporting activities.

District Education Manager for Rumphi Lomick Khamisa said messages of HIV and AIDS needs to trickle down to children in schools who are the bedrock of the future generation. The DEM remarked recently when he handed over prizes for various sports disciplines in a bonanza that was organized by Life Concern Organisation.2016 03 05 happy winnersHappy winners after the presentation of prizesThe Education manager said combating the further spread of HIV and AIDS requires the involving of all stakeholders at all levels. He said sporting activities are therefore critical as a platform where children could get the right messages on how they could prevent themselves from contracting HIV, a virus that causes AIDS.

LICO organized sporting activities involving 14 schools falling under the jurisdiction of T/A Mwankhunikira in Rumphi district. The organization took advantage of these sporting activities such as football and netball matches, high jump, relay race to conduct HIV testing.2016 03 05 bottle raceBottle raceA total of 299 primary school children were tested and 6 found HIV positive. They were referred to relevant health care providers so that they could access life prolonging drugs-ARVs.

(Mr. Nyirenda, Journalist)

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