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LICO spreads knowledge on preventing Mother to Child transmission (PMTCT), promotes healthy living and the proper use of medicines. It also headlines the fabrication and use of sustainable and enviromentally friendly briquettes in order to halt deforestation.

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HIV and Aids Projects

The Nasankha Umoyo (I choose Life) Prevention of Mother To Child HIV Transmission (PMTCT) project targets mvo-demonstrationwomen of child bearing age of 16 to 45 years and HIV+ couples in the rural communities with limited PMTCT information and services.

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LICO uses sports to fight HIV/AIDS in Rumphi

Sporting activities are part of the curriculum in Malawi primary and secondary schools and many students participate in the disciplines of their liking whether as a hobby, interest, or as competitions where money and pride are always at stake.

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LICO empowers rural …

23-06-2016 Hits:4338 News Sebastian

Life Concern Organisation (LICO) is implementing a community empowerment programme which provides goats and pigs to study circle groups...

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LICO aids Rumphi sch…

22-06-2016 Hits:4073 News Sebastian

Education is key to the socio-economic development of every country. Achieving quality education however remains a far- fetched dream f...

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Distribution of reli…

10-06-2016 Hits:4381 News Sebastian

In January this year Rumphi boma was hit by floods along the Mawerewere river and many inhabitants had been affected. Through the ELMA ...

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Every Vote Counts

11-04-2016 Hits:4266 News Sebastian

Or actually Every Footstep Counts, which is a film competition originated by the Positive Action for Children Fund (PACF) in associatio...

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Shot in the arm!

18-03-2016 Hits:4412 News Sebastian

LICO aids Rumphi District Hospital. Life Concern Organisation has come to the rescue of Rumphi district hospital’s cervical cancer dep...

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LICO scales up cervi…

18-03-2016 Hits:4467 News Sebastian

Life Concern Organisation (LICO) has stepped up efforts to combat cervical cancer in Rumphi district through provision of cervical canc...

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LICO engages youths …

18-03-2016 Hits:4085 News Sebastian

Life Concern Organisation has taken HIV and AIDS fight to the youths urging them to refrain from engaging in immoral behaviours that wo...

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Ministry of Educatio…

18-03-2016 Hits:3204 News Sebastian

Malawi’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has commended Life Concern Organization (LICO) for providing HIV and AIDS ...

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Community by-laws on…

18-03-2016 Hits:3723 News Sebastian

Community by-laws on prevention of mother to chiid transmission (PMTCT) bearing fruits in Rumphi. The idea to formulate community by-l...

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Life Concern Organisation and Operation Bobbi Bear

In 2011 Life Concern Organisation worked with Operation Bobbi Bear (OBB, see: www.bobbibear.org.za) on a research project called the EduToy.

p6210028EduToy trainingOBB is a South African NGO that focusses on (sexually) abused children: finding a safe haven for them, making sure they get psychological and medicinal support and ensuring justice is served. For this task they work closely together with the local SA authorities and community. They have two methods to work with their audience: the bobbi bear and the EduToy.

The Bobbi Bear is a bear used in individual cases of abuse. It makes it easier for children to talk about what happened to them. Have a look at the following film to get an idea how it works: http://youtu.be/MVAnxdI-7gU

The EduToy is used to address groups of children. It is an interactive presentation using puppets to explain to children how the HIV/Aids virus works. It also functions as a means of assessing larger groups (20, 30 and up) on the existence of abuse. The EduToy gets two main messages across: HIV/Aids is spread through bodily fluids, so don't touch it AND if you're abused tell someone you trust and get to the hospital for PEP treatment.

p6220040LICO director Peter Gondwe presents the EduToy in class with a volunteerThe EduToy method works perfectly in South Africa. What OBB volunteers and researchers Geertje Postma and Dennis Ringersma wanted to know, is if it works just as well in other African cultures so that the program can be exported from SA to other countries. LICO was more than willing to cooperate as (sexual) abuse and HIV/Aids are big problems in their area as well. In two weeks the LICO staff was trained to present the EduToy and give information on the situation around HIV/Aids and abuse in Rumphi for the research. More on the results of the research in Rumphi can be found through the following website: www.edutoy.wordpress.com

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